Think Rich To Get Rich Part 1

Have you ever wondered how some people get rich easily, while others struggle all their lives to barely get by? Is it their intelligence, education, skills, work habits or maybe their luck in life?

What if I told you it was none of the above. That it is all about how you subconciously think that determines whether you will be dirt broke, living comfortably or financially free!

Your beliefs, character and way of thinking are a major part in what will determine your level of success in life.

You have to have the internal capicity to create and hold onto large amounts of money. If you have not grown internally to handle large amounts of money, your wealth will be short lived. Lottery Winners are a perfect example of this. Do the research most lottery winners will in time return to their original financial state. Which is the amount of money they can comfortably handle.

Imagine an apple tree.  The tree will represent Life. The apples will represent results. If there is not enough apples or the apples taste bad, we tend to focus on the apples (results).  Think about what actually creates the apples? It is the roots that create the fruit.

What you cannot see, creates the visable. So to change the visable you must first change invisable. Your money file will only grow to the extent that you grow.

Start growing internally with personal development every day. Such has books, audio tapes,  and newsletters.  This will allow your money file to grow as much as you do!

To your success!

Codi Sedlacek

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